The Perfect Shot

A Beautiful Cafe in a Gorgeous Fine Art Gallery
Hot Drinks

COFFEE by Peaberrys

Espresso / Macchiato / Piccolo           $3.5

Flat white / Cappuccino / Long black / Latte       $4

Mocha / Chai Latte                     $4.5

Large / Tall                             +$1 / 2.5

Extra Shot     +$0.5

Flavours (Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut)     +$0.5

*Almond / soy / lactose free     +$0.7



English breakfast / earl grey / chamomile

/ green / peppermint / lemongrass             $6

*Almond / soy / lactose free     +$0.7



Hot Chocolate       $4.5

Nutella Hot Chocolate                 $7

*Almond / soy / lactose free     +$0.7

Cold Drinks

Frappe – Chocolate/Caramel / Coffee       $6

Milkshake/Thickshake     $6 / $7

(Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lime)

Iced Latte $5

Water       $3

Sparkling Water       $3

Kombucha       $6

Soft Drink       $3

Orange or Pineapple Juice $4

Noah Smoothies $5.5

Banana or Berry Smoothie $8

Fresh Fruit Crush $8

All Day Menu

Toast (v)

Sourdough w/ butter and your choice of spread   $7

(St Dalfour Fruit Spread Cherry/Raspberry / Nutella / Honey / Crunchy Peanut Butter / Vegemite)

Gluten Free (+$1)


Fruit Toast (v)

With butter, cinnamon sugar and apple crumb.      One slice $6, 2 slices $10


Bacon & Egg Roll

Fried egg, caramelised onion, bacon, rocket w/ smokey BBQ sauce       $12


Smashed Avocado Toast

Toasted Sourdough w/ Feta, Rocket and Balsamic Glaze        $14

Add a Poached Egg $17


Acai Berry Blend Bowl (vg, df)

Berry and Almond Milk Blend w/ Granola, puffed rice, Acai, Coconut and seasonal fruit       $15


Winter Warming Oats

Beautiful Oats cooked in honey and cinnamon milk. Served with fresh fruit and apple crumb.      $12


Waffles (v)

w/ nut crumble, strawberries, blackberry ice cream and berry coulis      $18


Banana Bread (v)

Blueberry or Classic, W/ Butter     $7


Classic Toastie (gfo)

Ham off the bone, mixed Cheeses, Tomato and wholegrain mustard      $10


Eggs on Toast (v, gfo)

2 Poached, scrambled or fried on Sourdough, w/ Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic & Aged Balsamic glaze     $14

Add Smashed Avocado   $5

Add Bacon                         $4

Add Hashbrown              $3

Lunch 11am - 2pm

Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich (gfo)

20 Hour Smoked BBQ beef brisket w/ Rocket on toasted Turkish.

w/ potato and bacon salad OR garden salad $16


Gourmet Beef and Guinness or Cheese and Bacon Pie

Baked by The Blind Baker, w/ a Rocket and Parmesan Salad $12


Chorizo, Rocket, Sweet Potato Frittata (Veg option also avail.)

Served with a Rocket and Fetta Salad $15


Mum’s Pumpkin Soup (v)

Wholesome roasted pumpkin w/ a slight dash of cream, Parmesan Crisp and Sourdough $13


Smoked Salmon Bagel

w/ Rocket, Cream Cheese, Dill and pepper   $16


Nachos (gf)

Mexican Beef, Cheese, Guoc, Sour Cream and Tomato Salsa on a bed of Cornchips $15


Southwest Pulled Pork Burger

8 hour slow cooked Pork in southwest BBQ spices w/ Slaw on a milk bun. Served w/ Charred Corn Cob     $16

Gluten Free – add $1 extra

Monday - Friday Workers Spring Lunch

Granola cups (v) $10

House made granola in the form of a cup, filled with yoghurt and topped with fresh seasonal fruit and honey

Fruit Salad $8

Fresh seasonal fruit 

Steak Sandwich

Steak served on toasted turkish bread, with caramelised onion, rocket, cheese and BBQ Sauce $15

Chicken Caesar Salad $14

Fresh crumbed chicken schnitzel, cos lettuce, bacon, croutons and boiled egg. 

Feta, Walnut & Beetroot Salad $12

Greek Marinated Feta, toasted walnuts, roasted beetroots tossed with mixed lettuce and a lemon vinaigrette. 

Vegetarian Health Bowl $15

Mixed lettuce, cucumber, roast sweet potato, avocado, chickpeas, carrot, brown rice, coriander and hommus.

Fresh Tropical Fruit Crushes $8



We also have Daily Specials, fresh Toasties, Wraps, Chicken Schnitzel & Salad Turkish, Baguettes, Nachos and a range of other Breakfast and Lunch options.

Find Us

The Perfect Shot Cafe & The Daniel Courtney Gallery

461 Hunter St, Newcastle, NSW

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7:30am - 3pm


8am - 3pm



0424 451 923



461 Hunter Street,

Newcastle, NSW